The Structure of JCA

The structure of JCA has been developed to ensure appropriate corporate governance, efficient use of communal funds and optimal delivery of professional services.

Advisory committees have been established to funnel intellectual capital and expertise from professionals within our community through JCA’s operations.

JCA Board of Governors

Charged with the responsibility for direction setting and policy development. The Board consists of:

  • Trustee Governors - the Presidents of JCA member organisations; and
  • Non Trustee Governors - Lay leaders of communal standing; and Life Governors (former lay leaders of the JCA who continue to offer their counsel).

JCA Committees:

Reports to the Board of Governors and is responsible for setting strategy and policy for the entire organisation.
Undertakes a complex review process based on the financial and operational management of the organisations, leading to the annual allocation recommendations for final approval by the Board of Governors. It consists of four independent and highly respected leaders, with backgrounds in financial management, business, law and communal affairs.
Determines which of the 23 member organisations will be granted the annual communally endorsed building and capital appeal.
Manage the JCA engagement and fundraising activities for specific demographic groups.
Determines how all JCA cash and assets are invested and managed.
Deals with complex planning and inter-organisational issues and assists member organisations to work together to provide for communal needs.
Undertakes comprehensive reviews of organisations wishing to join JCA and makes recommendations for final approval by the Board of Governors.

JCA Team:

The team at JCA are passionate and committed group of people dedicated to sustaining our community.

JCA Leadership

Allocations Chair
Building & Capital Chair
Engagement Chair
Fundraising Chair
Jewish Communal Planning Chair
Jumpstart Co-Chairs
NSW Jewish Board of Deputies President
Status Chair
Treasurer and Invesment Chair
Stephen Chipkin
Howard Ware
Peter Wohl
Kathy Shand
Earl Melamed
Leanne Pigott
Jonathan Gavshon /Kelly Bayer Rosmarin
Jeremy Spinak
Frank Wolf
Jonathan Teperson

In The Office

Chief Executive Officer
Chief Financial Officer
Head of Engagement
Head of Fundraising Strategy & Operations
Head of Planning & Projects
Administrative Assistant
Accounts Assistant
Communal Communications Coordinator
Engagement Manager
Engagement Manager
Engagement Manager
Executive Assistant & Office Manager
Jumpstart Project Manager
Payments & Accounts Officer
Planning Manager
Project Consultant
Bruce Goldsmith
Leon Narunsky
Nicola Zeh-Katz
Sharon Philippsohn
Alain Hasson
Jami Kochan
Aaron Zaidel
Rose Temple
David Graham
Elyse Chiert
Ashleigh Levett
Lydia Vesely
Jenni Bonert
Gina Cohen
Diane Odze
Shari Lowe
Tony Snoyman