Leave a legacy for our community

By leaving a gift in your will, you continue to contribute to the vibrancy and strength of the NSW and ACT Jewish communities.

A bequest to JCA is an enduring gift that promises a stronger future for our community.

We have all benefited from the generosity and vision of members of the community who came before us. Through their legacies they laid the foundation for the communal institutions we have come to love and rely upon today.

Why leave a bequest to JCA?

After making provisions in your will for your family and loved ones, we are asking you to please consider a gift to JCA. Leaving a gift in your will is one of the most valuable ways you can support JCA and the Jewish community.

A bequest to JCA enables us to continue connecting the community, work that provides a legacy of care and vibrancy of Jewish life.

We depend on your gift for our work. Without this, our community and our member organisation would not be able to run the vital programs that underpin our lives.

JCA is uniquely placed to ensure your gift is directed to the programs you are passionate about. Whether it is aged care, education, or myriad of other worthy causes, your gift will make a difference, strengthening our community and helping those who are most in need.

Suggested wording for your will

We have prepared some suggested wording that may be helpful for your solicitor when they are preparing your will. To download this wording please click here.

If you are considering a bequest or endowment, please contact JCA on 9360 2344 or [email protected]  and we will arrange a confidential discussion.


JCA Bequest Honour Wall

JCA has received numerous bequests from generous individuals wishing to leave a lasting legacy.


We thank them all for their generosity and honour their memories.

Jack Abeshouse
Lionel Abeshouse
Irene Abraham
E. Alexandre
Edith Baer
Agnes Bauer
Thea Baum
Roger Benou
Carola Berger
Piri Bergsman
Doris Susan Berliner
Karl Bittman
Zofia Blake
Julia Vivienne Blanks
Esta Blashild
A.S. Block
Walter Blum
Frederick Bonyhady
Herbert Born
David Brandon
Amalia Brecher
Paula Brezniak
Bruno Brosan
Morson Clift
Lotar Cohn
Raissa Darin
Abraham Davis
Janey Davis
Rachel De Jong
Eric Dreikurs
Leonard Dryen
Lilli Edel
Felicia Einhorn
Bob Evans
Lily Ezekiel
Cecille Feder
John Feder
Bernard Ferster
Gizelle Fetter
Maria Fischer
Walter Henry Fischer
Addy Fisher
Naftoli Freinkel
Naomi Freinkel
Rosa Gestetner
Walter Ginsburg
Carol Goldberg
Myndel Goldberg
Masza Goldenberg
Ilse Goldschmidt
Boris Goldsmith
Alice Gonda
Rosalia Gostin
Nadia Gurvich
Martin Hall
Ethel Harris
Bronia Hatfield
Lorraine Havin
Evelyn Hayward
Anne Heller
Albert Hertzberg
Harold Hertzberg
Valda Hertzberg
Herta Herz
Joseph Ingster
Herta Jarvis
Stella Jordan
Lynn Joseph
Maurice Joseph
Gerda Kalmuk
Erwin Kauders
Harry Kellerman OBE
Maurice Herman Kellerman
Pola Kluger
Charlotte Kristian
Karl Lazar
Ephim Lesagorsky
Gertrude Levin
Hans Lewin
Norbert Lewinnek
Hilde Lightstone
Elizabeth Lindenberger
Victoria Lords
Piroska Major
Trudl Meller

Gustav Menkes
Irene Michelsohn
Neville Milston
Anna Mondschein
Trudi Morgan
Meyer Ezra Musleah
Henriette Nerichow
David Leopold Ovedooff
Moses Pearl
Kurt Peretz
Sonya Peretz
Harold Phillips
Nora Plotke
Hermina Rich
Cyril Rosenbaum
Freida Rosenberg
Michael Rothenberg
Pepa Rosenman
Arnold Samuelson
Margarethe Schiller
Heinrich Schlosse
Jenny Sevitt
Henry Shagrin
David Sheps
H Siegler
David Snider
Susie Snow
Eric Sommers
Gisela Stein
Reca Stone
Phillip Strahl
Herbert Tauber
Nicolle Geraldine Torda
Sini Sophia Vecht
Paul Vertes
Eva Waxman
Edith Weiner
Maria Werner
Lydia Wertheimer
Herbert Joseph Wolmers
Gerald Wronker
llse Wronker