JCA’s mission is to ensure a sustainable, vibrant and secure Jewish community and a future in which we, our children and grandchildren can prosper; an inclusive community that leaves no Jewish person in isolation and celebrates the combined diversity of our people, our culture and our heritage.

It is through the hard work, passion and services provided by our member organisations and JCA, that we are able to make a difference and enrich our community in the seven areas of aged care, community care, culture & engagement, education, history & heritage, security & advocacy, social justice & outreach.

Over and above the provision of key services to our community, JCA endeavours to connect individuals and to foster a strong sense of unity, belonging and support within our community. Whether it be through attendance at educational, social or fundraising events or by voluntarily participating on one of our many committees, or project teams, each and every individual within our community is able to make a difference and play a role in sustaining or community both today and in the future.

Sustaining and building the future of our local community is a priority for JCA, so not only does JCA fundraise, facilitate and plan around the annual needs of the community, but we also plan strategically for our community’s long term future requirements.

JCA is also developing strategic partnerships that can help us realise our common vision. Ours strategic partnerships are forward looking and collectively assist us in shaping our community’s future.