Our Work

JCA partners with 23 member organisations to provide the Jewish community with outstanding programs in the areas of education, community care, health, aged care, disability, political representation, security, cultural services and sport.


JCA engages in planning activities including research, consultation and analysis to ensure our community needs are effectively and cost efficiently catered for today, as well as to ascertain and prepare for the communal needs of tomorrow.

Armed with strategic planning expertise, JCA makes the big decisions that require a collaborative effort regarding the welfare of our community.

Member organisation funding requirements are weighed against the resources available and strategies are created to streamline inefficiencies in communal operations, processes and structures to guarantee that every dollar raised provides maximum benefit.


As a not for profit, JCA relies on the generosity of our community supporters. Our donors play a pivotal role in helping us achieve our vision of ensuring a sustainable, vibrant and secure Jewish community, today, tomorrow, forever.

JCA seeks to inspire financial support through a variety of fundraising initiatives engaging members of our community across social and financial demographics, each in their own unique way.


JCA is the key connector for our community. Our community operates as a network of interactions and relationships. JCA provides the support that enables our member organisations to connect closely with the people they provide hands on services to in our community. We create channels for communication and shared-resourcing and we deliver opportunities for members of our community to connect with each other in meaningful and enriching ways.

These connections build community. A community that is strong, safe and cohesive.