About JCA

JCA is the communal hub of the NSW and ACT Jewish communities, connecting the needs of our communal members with the services our communal organisations provide.

Consisting of a professional office, many passionate and dedicated volunteers and a whole community of supporters, JCA engages in planning, fundraising and facilitation to secure our local community’s vibrant future.

We believe that every Jew has the right to live with dignity, with security and with the inherent right to be educated and guided along a Jewish path.

We strive to advance the quality of Jewish life and to reach out to every corner of our community.

We seek to amplify the scope of communal facilities and services, to broaden our field of endeavour and to increase the vitality of our Jewish life.

We rely on our fellow Jews to assist us in our vision.

We are committed to connecting our community …… today, tomorrow and forever.


To ensure a sustainable, vibrant and secure Jewish community.


To fundraise, plan and facilitate in collaboration with our constituents and donors, to meet the needs of our local community.


To serve in the best interests of the NSW and ACT Jewish communities through the raising and allocation of funds to support outstanding and cost effective programs and social infrastructure. This can and will only be achieved through effective fundraising and collaboration with our constituents, donors, volunteers and other community stakeholders.